Friday, January 1, 2010

Rooftops of Prague - #3

Happy New Year! Today I posted the first weekly watercolor of 2010 - Rooftops of Prague - on my Weekly Watercolor site.

Prague is a beautiful, exciting city. Several years ago I visited there, and gathered a variety of reference material for paintings. Since I was not painting many urban scenes at that time, I painted a few of the interesting people I saw there, but no city scenes. This painting shows a view of the city from the Prague Castle, high on the hill in the old town. It was a rather hazy day. At the lower left of the painting, one can see people crossing the Vitava River via the famous Charles Bridge, with its beautiful gate houses at both ends.

If you're interested in purchasing this or any other weekly watercolor painting, please visit my Weekly Watercolor site.

This painting has been purchased by a collector in California.

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