Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hidden River - #6 - Demo (2 0f 3)

This is my second post demonstrating the step-by-step development of the weekly watercolor painting that I posted recently - Hidden River.

Once the sketch was drawn on the watercolor paper, I soaked the paper on both sides and removed the excess water from its surface with a sponge. I then flooded a combination of colors - new gamboge, permanent alizarin crimson, and prussian blue - onto the wet paper, as shown in the first image, so the colors would blend smoothly. While the paper was still damp, I wiped color out of parts of the foreground pine tree with a thirsty brush to make it possible to later put light colors in its foliage and on the right side of its trunk.

In the second image, the paper is beginning to dry, so I clipped it to the backing board. I began working on the ground areas on both sides of the river, using a variety of yellows, greens, and blues to vary the color of the grasses. I concentrated on making the far river bank interesting by varying its edge and including several rocks. On the near bank, I indicated some individual grasses by wiping out some paint with a thirsty brush and by adding a few weed stalks with a rigger. In the next and final installment, I'll paint the foreground tree, the distant trees, and the cabin itself.

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