Friday, January 22, 2010

Hidden River - #6 - Demo (1 0f 3)

This and the next two posts will demonstrate the step-by-step development of the weekly watercolor painting that I have just posted - Hidden River - shown in the first image. I always begin with several small sketches to develop the concept of the painting and to plan where the lightest and darkest values will be placed. My final value sketch for this painting is shown in the second image. It measures approximately 4" by 6", and was done with a #2 office pencil in my sketchbook. The value plan was to highlight the cabin by placing its sunlit areas in front of dark foliage. The sunlight is coming from the right.

My second step is to re-sketch the subject on my watercolor paper, also using a #2 pencil. This sketch has just enough information for me to place the color, and does not include too much detail. It is shown in the third image. I split this demo into three posts due to the way blogger handles images. In the next post, I'll show you how I prepared the paper, applied a sky wash, and began painting the scenery.

If you're interested in purchasing this or any other original weekly watercolor painting for $100 including shipping, or to see more of my weekly paintings, please visit my Weekly Watercolor website.

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  1. The next two posts are not in the correct sequence, but you'll figure it out.