Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hidden River - #6 - Demo (3 0f 3)

This is my third and last post demonstrating the step-by-step development of the weekly watercolor painting that I posted recently - Hidden River.

As shown in the first image, I painted the distant trees very lightly, with soft edges, to make them seem to recede into the background. For the foreground pine, I began with the clumps of needles, trying for some color variation, with dark values at the bottoms of the clumps. I then painted the trunk with various shades of brown and some black, trying to capture the character of the bark. Finally, I added branches to hold the needle clumps, and also to represent dead branches that are usually found on these trees.

The second image shows the development of the large stand of trees behind the cabin. I again sought variation in color and value throughout. I don't usually use masking fluid to protect whites like the cabin shape, I just paint around them, to get a better-looking edge. After the tree foliage was done, I added some branches in the sky-holes.

The cabin was painted last. I took care to achieve high value contrast between the sunlit parts of the cabin and the background trees and cabin shadows, to maximize the effect of the sunlight. The final image shows the completed painting.

I hope you've found this series of posts interesting, and that they helped you understand my method of painting in watercolor. Let me know if you'd like to see more demo posts like this.

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