Friday, December 18, 2009

Painting #2 - Mountain View Barn

I've published painting #2 on my Weekly Watercolor website, titled Mountain View Barn.

I love painting old barns. The weathered wood, the colorful tin roof, the small details everywhere - lightning rods, weather vanes, hoists, fences, junk - make for a fun painting. There's something about these old buildings that just feeds the soul. This painting is loosely based on an actual barn in Mountain View, Arkansas.

To purchase this painting, or to see painting #1, visit my Weekly Watercolor website.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekly Watercolor Website Launched

My new website, Weekly Watercolor by Jim Oberst at, is now active. It consists of three main pages: the Gallery, which is also the home page, showing all project paintings to date; the Order page, with ordering instructions, and the About page, with information about me and this project. Please visit my new site often. You can sign up for weekly or monthly email updates about my new paintings by clicking links on the Gallery page. It's not quite 2010, but I've decided to jump-start this project now with my first painting, rather than waiting for January 1.

The first painting posted, Early Snow, accompanies this post. It is based on a previous larger painting which was inspired by the many beautiful lake scenes in Arkansas. The snow-covered mountains are my own invention, and are not characteristic of Arkansas, which has gently rolling hills. I'm particularly drawn to the reflections in the water, the color in the trees, and the painting's fresh and spontaneous feel.

If you subscribe to this blog you will be notified of each new painting as it is posted on the Weekly Watercolor website. I'll anxiously await comments on each painting.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekly Watercolors are Coming

I have been painting watercolors in Arkansas for over five years. I am currently represented by two galleries in Hot Springs: Gallery 726 and Artists Workshop Gallery. My paintings have won many regional awards, and can be found in collections in twenty states and Canada. My complete biography and a list of my art-related activities can be found on my website Watercolors by Jim Oberst.

I believe that a necessary component of improving my art is to paint more - to put more "miles on the brushes". Consequently, I have decided that throughout 2010, besides my normal painting activities, I will add a weekly small watercolor painting to my schedule. I am hoping that by committing to this weekly watercolor project, I will paint more paintings, and better paintings. And by offering these paintings on my new Weekly Watercolor website for only $100 each, including shipping within the United States, I will provide art lovers with a selection of my original art at affordable prices.

I'm currently working on getting the new website ready for launch, and will announce here when it becomes active, probably later this month. I will post information on each new weekly watercolor painting in this blog. In the meantime, I invite you to become a fan of my Facebook page Watercolors by Jim Oberst by clicking HERE.